Livianus Hollergath

Half-elf monk; has been a hermit for four decades



  • STR 12 (+1)
  • DEX 18 (+4)
  • CON 12 (+1)
  • INT 12 (+1)
  • WIS 16 (+3)
  • CHA 10 (+0)

HP: 45 HD: 7d8 + 7 AC: 17
Initiative: +4
Speed: 45 ft.
Proficiency: +3
Passive Perception: 16, darkvision 60 ft. Passive Insight: 16
Height: 6’2" Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Skin: Tanned Age: ~140 years old

Elven Ancestry: Immune to magical sleep effects; advantage on magical charm effects

Languages: Common, Draconic, Elven, Dwarven

Skill Proficiencies: Acrobatics, Athletics, Nature, Perception, Stealth, Survival
Ability Proficiencies: Strength, Dexterity
Tool Proficiencies: Artisan’s tools (Alchemist’s supplies),Herbalism kit

Save DC: 14 Martial Artist damage die: 1d6 Ki Points: 7


  • +1 to Dexterity.
  • Stand from prone using only 5 ft. of movement.
  • Climb at full speed.
  • Make running long and high jumps with only 5 ft. of movement.

Martial Arts:

  • Can use Dexterity, instead of Strength, for attack and damage rolls.
  • Can use a d6 for unarmed damage rolls.
  • bonus Make an unarmed attack after using the Attack action.

Ki: Regain by spending at least half of a short rest meditating.

  • Flurry of Blows: bonus Spend 1 Ki after taking the Attack action to make two unarmed attacks.
  • Patient Defense: bonus Spend 1 Ki to take the Dodge action.
  • Step of the Wind: bonus Spend 1 Ki to take the Disengage action; jump distance is doubled.

Unarmored Movement: Speed +15 ft. while not wearing any armor.

Monastic Tradition: Way of the Open Hand.

Deflect Missiles: reaction Subtract 1d10 + 11 damage from a ranged attack; spend 1 Ki to return if damage is reduced to 0.

Slow Fall: reaction Subtract 35 off the top of any falling damage.

Extra Attack: Attack twice with the Attack action.

Stunning Strike: On a hit, spend 1 Ki to impose a Constitution save; on a fail, target is stunned.

Open Hand Technique:
On each successful hit, choose

  • Impose a Dexterity save; on a fail, target is knocked prone.
  • Impose a Strength save; on a fail, target is pushed 15 ft. away.
  • Target cannot take reactions for one full round.

Ki-Empowered Strike: Unarmed attacks count as magic for overcoming damage resistances and immunities.

Wholeness of Body: Once per day, use action to regain 21 hit points.

Evasion: Fail Dexterity saves for half damage; make saves for no damage.

Stillness of Mind: Use action to end one Charm or Fear effect.


Staff. +7, 1d8 + 4 bludgeoning damage
Unarmed. +7, 1d6 + 4 bludgeoning damage


I was born to Edemna Hollergath, a human woman and midwife. My father is a traveling elven merchant of some renown, by the name of Sorannis Shadowleaf, who had a night of drunken passion with my mother during one of his biyearly stops at our town along his trade circuit. My mother was good to me, and I loved her dearly. My father acknowledges me as his son, and his peers give me the respect that entitles me; however, he never showed an interest in getting to know me, and we are not close.

Due to complications at my birth, I was born unbreathing and still. The quick work of very skilled healers saved my life. As a joke only she found funny, my mother named me Livianus, which is Draconic for One Who is Blue. I prefer to go by Ianus, which is pronounced ‘Yah-nis’.

In my eighteenth year, when my father came once again to our village, he gifted me with a staff of great healing magics. He said it had been passed from father to son through his lineage for generations untold, and as I was his only son, it rightly belonged to me. I understood this to be an action of form and tradition, and not a gesture of affection, but I nevertheless graciously accepted. He seemed pleased that I did not make a big deal of the interaction.

Due to my elven heritage, after I reached maturity, I began to age very, very slowly. I watched as my human mother grew old and died, while I still remained a young man. The heartache of her loss sits with me even now as I meditate, a close and trusted friend. Foolishly, I once allowed my love to slip into the arms of another human woman, but she too aged and died. At last I realized that I did not belong in the world of the humans, and so I left it.

Miles and miles away from any civilization, I found a cave in the mountainside. After removing the bear who thought to challenge me for it, I made it my home. For the past many decades, I have been honing my mind, learning to tame my emotions, and sit them beside me as allies, instead of carrying them around on my shoulders, weighing me constantly down. A large part of my training has involved mastering my physical body as well, and now I find I am quite a powerful force.

For reasons my own, I have chosen to leave my mountain cave, and descend once more into the world of men. There is a thing I must do, and I fear I might not be up to the task.

As I have spent decades in isolation, I do not frequently, nor easily speak. When I do, my voice is dry and crackly from dissue.

My years of solitary meditation have granted me some semblance of inner peace. I am nearly always calm and serene, regardless of what is happening.

I retreated from society after the woman I loved died of old age. I was tired of forming relationships with those I would long outlive, and so I removed myself from their world, so as to protect myself and find inner peace.

During my meditations, I had an epiphany that forced my hand, and now I must return to human society to address it.

I have come to believe that the most important thing in this life is to know oneself as intimately as possible. It is this belief that has helped to carry me through my many sorrows. I do not care if others share my beliefs; however, if they do not at least believe in something, then I see them as lost and helpless.

I once loved someone dearly, but I could not keep her. She died long ago, but her memory lives on beside me. I will be the best man I can be in her honor.

I keep secrets. They give me power over my environment, an advantage others do not share.

Livianus Hollergath

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